We are extremely happy to inform you that as part of social commitment in our native place - Nuggehalli; we have decided to adopt two government educational institutes. This is in addition to the regular activities of the samithi i.e. to run/take care of daily rituals at the three temples in Nuggehalli.

After several efforts finally we were able to bring in the Science stream into pre-university college only from the last academic year. However the facility of science laboratory is very poor.

Similarly the standard of teaching to the students of higher secondary was way below par & hence the (NSLNSS) Samithi decided to look into the ways & means of effectively intervening in up-grading the standards of education.

In this connection we have tied up with SVYM (Swamy Vivekananda youth movement) under the concept of community based education/ PREMAVIDYA ( to supplement the knowledge that is being imparted & to gain higher standards in education. This involves an audio-visual teaching in both core subjects & English.

Likewise a plan to establish a fully fledged science laboratory at the college level has materialised. Needless to say, these projects require huge funds & hence request you to contribute towards this Endeavour. Apart from the study material in digital form with 20 odd DVDs & lab equipments; a teaching assistant to handle this delicate task is to be done. Hence, rupees ten lakhs as deposit money is required. The interest amount from this, amounting to Rs100000/- will be needed yearly to successfully implement this huge programme which will enable the Samithi to integrate with the local populace. We are happy to state that donations in small amounts have started coming in but not sufficient to meet the needs.

Hence, we request you to liberally contribute that would enable us to work in this noble sector of education. Per se the laboratory (physics, chemistry & biology) will cost Rs.400000/- & the science study centre will require 5lakhs. After having initiated this move the Samithi is hard pressed for money & as such the earlier activities of sponsoring merit prizes, sports competition distribution of books have been put on hold.